Cash 'n Guns

Cash ‘n Guns, Play as Gangsters Splitting the loot

Have you ever wanted to pretend that you and your friends are a bunch of gangsters just looking to snatch some loot? That would be the theme for this fun game called Ca$h ‘n Gun$. While not necessarily a board game nor a card game, Ca$h ‘n Gun$ is an enjoyable game that has rules you and your friends can easily learn. The game contains 6 foam guns, 6 sets of 8 Bullet Cards, 10 Superpower Cards, 3 Telegraph Switchboard Cards, 6 Secret Role Cards, 1 Double-sided Phone Card, 1 quick reference car, 14 Wound Markers, 14 Shame Markers, 40 Banknotes, 6 characters and 12 Character Stands for equipment.

Designed for 4 to 6 players, Ca$h ‘n Gun$ will quickly remind you of the best gangster movies as there will be tough negotiations and bluffing involved. The setting is that of a Mexican Standoff after a deal for a split pot goes wrong, in the most comical way imaginable.

Setup and Play

Each player receives a foam gun, a Character Setup Card, and 8 cards that match the character of a player’s choosing. 5 of these cards will say “click” on them, while 2 other cards will say “Bang!”, and 1 card will say “Bang! Bang! Bang!” The Wound Markers and the Shame Markers, also known as the “Coward” Markers, will be well within each player’s reach.

Money Tokens valued at $5,000 to $20,000 will be shuffled, and play will start from there. One player will take on the role of “The Don” for each turn, and he or she will call the shots in how play progresses. An available pot of money will be laid out before all players, and the pot must be evenly divided between all surviving players. In the heat of a skirmish, an event where a player counts to 3 out loud and guns will be pointed, if you are “wounded” you will drop your gun, and if you are shot 3 times you will be considered “dead”.

Once all players get their chance to hide and “chicken out”, the cards are revealed. A wounded player will drop out of the round and won’t be able to claim any money. Every player that is still alive gets to split the pot. If all players are wounded, then the pot will expand as part of the next round’s pot. More loot will hit the table, and the “scared” players will resurface to play again. 8 rounds of play will occur throughout the game.

How to Win

The player who has the most money overall after 8 rounds of play will win the game.

Skill and Strategy?

When it comes to using any skill or applying any strategy in this game, you can throw both of these elements out the window because this game doesn’t require any critical thinking whatsoever. Ca$h ‘n Gun$ is a laid back, and even funny, experience where the events that occur in each round are pretty much random.

Superpower Variant

One variant of Ca$h ‘n Gun$ involves the use of Superpower Cards which contain special abilities for players. In this variant each player is secretly given a card at the start of a round. These special abilities are either permanent or one-time only. The special abilities that a player can obtain with these cards include either taking 4 wounds to die instead of 3, receiving a bonus $10,000 for every player killed in the game, being able to retrieve a “dead” player’s gun and using 2 guns for the rest of the game, playing the “Bang! Bang! Bang!” card twice instead of once, and even be able to throw a grenade out onto the table.

Another intriguing variant of Ca$h ‘n Gun$ involves the use of 2 boxes instead of 1. If you can purchase 2 Ca$h ‘n Gun$ boxes then you can expand on the level of creativity with more than 6 players. With 2 boxes you can play an extended version of Ca$h ‘n Gun$ with as many as 12 players, and you can even adjust how to keep track of the scoring, dividing players into teams or having quick eliminations of players per round.

Laughing out loud with family and friends as you play, Ca$h ‘n Gun$ is certainly a game that you will have fun playing as you will get into the mode of adapting to the random outcomes of each round. If you are in the mood of playing a party game that will take only 30 minutes to 1 hour to play, then Ca$h ‘n Gun$ may be the game for you.

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