Pandemic Board Game, Prevent an Outbreak

Pandemic Board Game

Can the act of preventing a pandemic outbreak be fun? There is a board game that actually allows players to form a team to prevent diseases from spreading while discovering cures for those diseases. Players will travel through the world and treat infections while they find resources for cures. Using …

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Codenames, A Spy Themed Card Game

Codenames Card Game

Designed by Vlaada Chvatil in 2015 and published by Czech Games Edition, Codenames is a card game that can be played from 2 to 8 players, and one game of Codenames usually takes 15 or more minutes to play. The theme of Codenames is that spies compete against each other …

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Bang! a Fun Cooperative Western Card Game

Battle Cry Board Game

Created by Italian publisher daVinci Games in 2002, Bang! Card Game is a take on the Wild West time period where cowboys got into many scuffles with law enforcement. Bang! happens to be a cooperative card game where all players are assigned roles as if they were in a Spaghetti …

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Forbidden Desert Board Game

Forbidden Desert

Sometimes cooperative board games need the right themes to make them noteworthy, and in the case of Forbidden Desert, this is a game that found a fantastic theme that would reignite anyone’s childhood imagination. Forbidden Desert is an inspiring addition to the game Forbidden Island, created by Gamewright. This is …

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Flash Point: Fire Rescue Board Game

Flash Point: Fire Rescue

The special thing about cooperative board games is that the use of teamwork is encouraged and the end result is fair to all players that are playing. A team of players work together to accomplish the same goal, and they will win and lose together. Flash Point: Fire Rescue is …

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