Pandemic Board Game, Prevent an Outbreak

Pandemic Board Game

Can the act of preventing a pandemic outbreak be fun? There is a board game that actually allows players to form a team to prevent diseases from spreading while discovering cures for those diseases. Players will travel through the world and treat infections while they find resources for cures. Using …

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Carcassonne, a Two Player Tile Placement Game


A board game based on the act of forming the board of play with tiles, Carcassonne was created by Klaus-Jurgen Wrede and published by Hans in Gluck for German players and by Rio Grande Games and Z-Man Games for North American players. Carcassonne won Game of the Year Awards in …

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Camelot, a Medieval War Strategy Board Game

Inside Moves - Camelot

George S. Parker knew he had a great game in the making when invented a game that had more options than checkers but wasn’t as complicated to play as chess. In 1887 Parker introduced Camelot for the very first time, and it wouldn’t take long for checkers and chess experts …

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Broadside, a Naval Battle of the 1812 War

Broadside Board Game

The naval battles of the War of 1812 are highlighted as some of the most important battles of this American war, and in 1962 Milton Bradley decided to create and publish a board game that accurately captured the feeling of those naval battles. Broadside is a board game where warships …

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All the King’s Men, a Chess Variant

All the King's Men

If you happen to be an avid chess player and you love discovering new chess variants, the chances are you will come to love one game that is loosely based on chess. All The King’s Men is an abstract strategy board game that will give players a feel that is …

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Agricola, a Farming Board Game


Agricola is a farming board game set in the medieval times where you will starve if you don’t do your job. You are a farmer and your job is to improve and expand your farm by plowing and planting fields, establishing fenced pastures to hold a variety of animals, make …

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Amerigo, Become the Best Explorer in The Land


In the board game Amerigo you are an explorer competing to become the best explorer in the land and you will need to take control of a cube tower in order to claim a new discovery as your own. Amerigo is a board game primarily about discovery and development. Once …

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Ticket to Ride, a Cross-Country Train Adventure

Ticket to Ride

A board game that involves more strategy than what is on the surface, Ticket to Ride is an appealing game that can be played within 1 hour. Ticket to Ride contains a ton of depth but isn’t too complicated for players to learn. Well thought out choices must be made …

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